Charlotte Durie


Charlotte Durie is available for commissions.
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Charlotte Durie

Coffee Pot

"She came, she saw, she drew! The result was astounding. There was my pony upon the page of her sketchbook. A wonderful tribute to a noble equine that has given us so much. His wonderful character etched with something that goes beyond his breed - an individual captured in the characteristic turn out of his near hind, his highly inquisitive expression marked in the depth of his eyes and the dignity that remains even during his advanced years." - Sarah Newland Pratt

"Yes, I have received the paintings in excellent order, thank you very much. They are truly amazing, more than I was expecting from the photos. This is my first art purchase, I am very pleased with it."

Art Finder purchaser, May 2016

Onslow Square Commission

A Christmas Eve in mid Wales

A unique artwork commissioned for a grand-daughter by a grand-mother using all the child's favourite colours.

Rocky and Beauty

A painting commissioned by a horse owner who wished to keep a memory of her horses.

Truck Commission

A birthday present commission for a trucker. The images below show the process from conception to the finished piece.

Charlotte's work can found in the following collections:

His Excellency the late Carl Schurmann, Geneva;
the late Wheelock Whitney, Minneapolis;
Lady Hopkins, London;
Jan Pienkowski, London;
The Dragon Hotel, Montgomery, Powys;
Jenny Nimmo, Powys

and other private collections around the world.