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Suicide Bridge

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Ticket to Draw

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Drawing from Life

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Gone for a Walk

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Shown "in the Loop" at the
End of the Pier International
Film Festival, Worthing 2009


Two great pieces of train cinematography were premiered at an event in Newtown Railway Station when the station's ticket office was converted to a cinema for the night!

Shown to an invited audience, the Cambrian Country and Coast Gazer films brought a touch of train tinsel-town to mid Wales! The films showcase and promote the wonderful views from the train window on the fantastic and contrasting Cambrian rail network with the intention of motivating viewers to then sample the train attraction for real.

Featuring their own original musical soundtrack the films have been produced by local company Dimension Studio who are film maker Charlotte Durie and composer Dexter Jones. At the premiere Charlotte commented "It was a real pleasure working on these projects. We have some of the best coastal scenery in the Kingdom and Dexter's music reflects the emotion of it beautifully."

The short promotional films, produced for the Cambrian Railways Partnership (CRP), show highlights of the views on the Cambrian Main Line between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth and the Cambrian Coast Line between Machynlleth and Pwllheli.

Cambrian Country Gazer

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Gerwyn Jones, Peter Compton, Charlotte Durie & Dexter Jones
Gerwyn Jones, Peter Compton, Charlotte Durie & Dexter Jones

Cambrian Coast Gazer

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The audience

According to Lembit Ípik, former Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire, "Train travel has always held the hint of romance and enigma. These films bring out both in a most evocative style. In a world where everything seems to be about money and measures, the feel of these productions harks back to a time when people still valued the simple pleasure of noticing the world in terms of its beauty and serenity. It's a window on the present, with the outlook of the past, all set the rhythm of the railways. Anyone who sees these films will want to visit Wales - and by train."

Commissioned by Cambrian Railways Partnership